Sunday, October 31, 2010

B-day celebration :)

I have been soo busy these past few weeks! Soz for not posting!!!! Soo many things to do and never enough time :P seems to be my theme at the moment. I've been doing the wedding project like mad (I will reveal it when the time is right...) then I've also been working on an order of kitty amis which I'm supposed to have ready well before Christmas so all those little kitties get to their new homes in time :) I have some new ideas for the kitty costumes and I will post pics when they are ready!

My B-day was the 29th :) I gosh how yet again one year has gone soooo fast!! I got some über nice pressies!!
I got.. 
..a prettyyyy necklace and earrings
..a flower called Flaming Katy (Kalanchoë blossfeldiana)
.. a Sunny Tote Bag

Christmas calendar (that has chocolate in it!!) and a cuuuute "Summer: Thursday" print of ickle and Lardee which my sweet hubby had secretly ordered from My Milk Toof. I took it straight away to the framer and it will be ready on the 4th of November! It is going to be sooo cool! :D

Here is a pic of the ghostly cake :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Diamonds and Pearls and Satin Bows, That's what little cute Bears are made of

Here's a little CutiePie I've been working on in between different projects....Drumroll please ^___^

"Uhm...Pssst you're facing the wrong way.."

CutiePie is made of Drops Symphony and Schachenmayr Catania yarns and It was my very first experiment with this kind of special yarn..and maybe after a looong break I will do something like this again..'cos even though it was very rewarding in the end - words "nerve wracking" would have described my feelings when I was putting this little furball together >__< Well it wasn't all blood sweat and tears. I had extra fun making the satin bows with little pearls and hearts  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bears and Bunnies Welcome You ♥

Autumn! What a lovely time of the year!! It is so pretty! All the different colors (I think maple trees are the most beautiful trees during autumn) and the dark nights -during summer the nights are well...nightless there's no use putting lanterns etc. outside because it doesn't get dark and I looove lanterns- Also my B-day is coming up which means PRESENTS! :D Gotta luv autumn!
In celebration of autumn I decided to decorate our wreath according to the theme :) I also made a FunnyBunny and SeriouzBear pattern to Etsy and in the process FunnyBunny-Carrot and SeriouzBear-Marshmallow were created. Now they are keeping guard at our front door so as a tiny hint *it's good to have cookies with you if you are planning to stop by*

♥ Inspiring Autumn for Everyone ♥