Wednesday, September 29, 2010

★ Magic Ring ★ Tutorial ★

One way to start your amigurumi is to make the basic "make 2ch and then do the required amount of sc in the 1st chain." Then there is the ★Magic Ring/Circle★ which in my opinion gives a much nicer result. I remember when I started making little amis and I had no idea what Magic Ring was AND in the first pattern that I tried to make there were no instructions on how to "2ch etc." or Magic Ring...just "R1-make 7 sc" and believe me it's quite hard to find the information that you need when you don't really know what you are looking for ^___^'

But I'm here to reveal the secrets of the Magic Ring and here is a little tutorial I made (click on the pics to make them bigger)

I hope this helps the ones who are wondering the mysteries of the Magic Ring :] There are also few good tutorials in YouTube that might be handy for example Magic Circle1 and Magic Circle2 and many more.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knitting, crocheting and reading

I usually don't have time to do any leisure reading (I only tend to read books that are related to my studies...bit boring..I know...) I think it's because I like "multitasking." Like knitting/crocheting while watching TV. I have not mastered the art of reading and doing handcrafts at the same time..I probably never will :P Is it even possible?! I might start reading a book with superduper enthusiasm but then the unavoidable happens and I start to think all the other things I could be doing. In most cases the book ends up buried under multiple balls of yarn (and when I receive a notice from the library the epic quest in finding the looong overdue book begins.) Maybe I have just been reading the wrong kind of books! This is the conclusion I came up with the other day when I noticed that I had stumbled upon a book that makes me want to read it here and now and also makes me want to crochet and knit like never before! All thanks goes to my mum ♥Love her to bits♥ who brought me this book and said "I think you might like this one." She was sooo right!

The book is called "The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs.
I have now reached chapter 9 (out of 36!! Still soo many pages to explore) And today I also found out that there is a sequel called "Knit Two" AMG I think I'm in heaven :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh Goodies :)

As I told in my previous post I had ordered some sweet sweet things (eyes, noses, keychains etc.) Well all the things arrived on time (...some time ago..sorry for being this slow at posting!!) I got the eyes and noses which I ordered from 6060 's Etsy shop 
Starting from front 4.5mm animal eyes, 6mm albino eyes and 6mm triangle noses
All the eyes are safety eyes with washers (noses too) and there is a really handy safety eye/nose installation guide here. Hehe I think the albino eyes are pretty cool and now that it's autumn I'm starting to get all these ideas about creepy little critters with spooky eyes o_O!

I also ordered some keychains, rings, bells etc. from the following online stores CharlottaSinelli and Slöjd-Detaljer.
20mm rings, 24mm rings, tiny bells and keychains
I have also done some crocheting (not just shopping :P) I made few FunnyBunnies and SeriouzBears (I think I'm addicted to these little fellows)
I've even opened a little LiLoPe Etsy Shop as some of you may have noticed the "Mini Etsy." I only have few items there at the moment (it took me quite a while to figure out how to get started with Etsy...still quite a lot left to figure out I guess)

I'm also working on a secret project  my sister is getting married  and I'm making something cute for the special occasion..but it's all hush hush for now :)