Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Kingdom in a Corner ^___^

You know how the stores where they sell yarn and all the other lovely stuff have those colorful shelfs full of balls of wool..well well...Now I haz a little colorful paradise of my own :) I bought two shelfs -which were originally meant for CDs but who cares if they look good- stuck them on the wall and Voilà!
 I think it looks pretty nice :)

I also bought this little basket <3 filled with Schachenmayr Catania yarn (my fav when it comes to making little amis ^___^)

Hmmm I've also ordered some eyes and noses for my amigurumi from Etsy from 6060 :) ooo I can't wait for them to arrive! Got so many ideas already! 

This post should have been named "The Big Spender" :P

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

All Gone Khitties!

We flew to Belgium last month to this festival called RockWerchter and at the airport I finally found shades that suit meh! *Happyyyy* For years and years I've been looking for the perfect shades and now I haz them! No more boiling my eyes in the sun! Also driving to work is soo much easier without having to be an acrobat while trying to avoid the sun rays from blinding me and keeping the car on the road at the same time. Not only are they very useful they also have extremely high cuteness factor because they are Hello Kitty Shades ;) Loove<3
I've been a Hello Kitty fan since I was a little girl and my family lived in Japan for 3 years and I guess one day I'll be the granny with the über cool Kitty shades feeding pigeons in the park :D hehe...I also made a little discovery from our local store :) They had some theme related postcards for sale..
What can I say I couldn't just leave them there :P I also got one notebook in which I'm gonna write my amigurumi patterns (at the moment I have my patterns written on some random pieces of paper so it will be much more organized this way)

Here are some pics of Kitties that I have made during this spring and summer.
These TeddyKitties are going to a new home soon :3
KittyTeam from left to right GardenKitty, BunnyKitty, LilaTeddyKitty, AppleKitty, PinkTeddyKitty and BumblebeeKitty